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2013 – AddVal brand name - is introduced after a successful management buy out in summer 2013. The management has purchased Artelia’s Hungarian subsidiary to boost its business in real estate management and consultancy. AddVal has signed a co-operation agreement with its former holding company Artelia for two years focusing to jointly growth their businesses.

2012 Coteba started to use the name of Artelia – Coteba and Sogreah, two leading engineering French firms has announced a merge in 2010, allowing to growth their businesses and found a significant size global consultancy firm, employing about 3000 staff in 40 countries. The company started to use the new group name from 2012.

2007 – Coteba has purchases the shares from the minor shareholder of AST and the company name is changed to Coteba Kft. This change has allowed a full integration of the company into Coteba’s significant International networks allowing the company to benefit from its professional management structure and engineering competence.

2003 – Property and facility management – further then project management and engineering services, the company became active in the field of property and facility management as well, after gaining a significant real estate portfolio from one of its owner company AST. It has allowed a major step change in growing businesses and widening the company service offering.

2001 –The start - The company (with the name Coteba AST Kft.) has been founded as a subsidiary of the Austrian joint venture Coteba - AST GmbH made up between Coteba a leading French engineering firm based in Paris, and AST Baugesellschaft mbH a major construction company from Austria based in Graz. The joint venture was spatialized in the East Europe real estate market with subsidiaries in Austrian Czech R., Slovakia, Poland and in Hungary. The companies has offered real estate project management and engineering services for major international clients.