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Asset management

„Whatever your role is in real estate business is, and whatever individual needs and targets you might have
Together we can make it happen and boost the performance of your portfolios and ensure success for your projects. „

AddVal is committed to provide top quality asset management services for our Clients and manage a complex project or portfolio. Our company ensures the investment’s value, by increasing revenue, minimizing expenses, and maximizing perceived asset value.
Addval’s aims are to expand asset management business as demand for real estate investments in our company.

We offer:

  • Asset Management
  • Tenant improvement expenditures
  • AddVal works to grow asset value by ensuring stable tenancy
  • Substantially
  • Reducing lost rent, Full range of integrated services customized to each client’s special needs in a flexible delivery plan
  • Including the synergy of leasing and management services as well

AddVal’s quality starts with people dealing with our projects, therefore we employ experienced professionals of its fields speaking several languages. Beside quality of our staff we focus on our processes as well, which allow teams work together in an efficient, reliable manner, improve working methods, experiences, furthermore  individual and collective know how.